The Department of Computer Engineering has been established in 2008 with intake capacity of 60 and Presently increased to 180. They aim of the department is to provide students lifelong learning and leadership skills that enable them to grow in their professions and advance to better positions in the IT industry. With proper action plan and resources we train and educate engineers of outstanding capability.
Computer Engineering Department has 06 well equipped labs with latest software’s required to implement curriculum Department also conducts various seminars and workshops for students and staff. All the laboratories are well equipped with the Internet connectivity of 250 MBPS bandwidth.


Create professionally competent and socially responsible engineers to work in global environment.


  1. Implement diversified teaching learning process methodologies to meet growing requirements of industry and society. (Teaching Learning Process methodologies)
  2. Demonstrate and involve students in the installation and troubleshooting of software and hardware systems using modern tools and methodologies. (Technical Competency)
  3. Inculcate interest, team work and professional ethics among students. (Professional Ethics)
  4. Facilitate interaction of students with society to identify innovative  user friendly software and hardware solutions for the humankind.(Social Contribution)