Concrete Technology Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 510
Area Of Laboratory: 79.67 Sq.M
Laboratory Resources: slump test apparatus, Compaction factor apparatus, Crushing value apparatus, Aggregate impact tester, Sieve brass frame(20CMDia. and 90mm), Mould cast iron 100 mm3, CTM machine (200 tonne), Vibrating table, Le-chatlier apparatus.
Utilization of Lab: 12 hrs/ week

Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 510
Area Of Laboratory: 79.67 Sq M
Laboratory Resources: Pychnometer bottle, Core cutter with dolly & Rammer, Sand Pouring Cylinder small, C.B.R. Testing Machine, Swell test apparatus, Liquid Limit Device, Laboratory vane shear apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus, Unconfined compression tester.
Utilization of Lab: 12 hrs / week

Applied Mechanics Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 507
Area Of Laboratory: 79.57 Sq.M
Laboratory Resources: Ploygaon of forces apparatus, Simple jib crane, Universal force table, Worm & worm wheel, winch crab double purchase (without weight ), Simple screw jack  -big size, Slotted weight set iron nickled & weights & one hanger .
Utilization of Lab: 16 hrs/ week

Surveying Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 547
Area Of Laboratory: 66.708 Sq.m
Laboratory Resources: Vernier transit theodolite 20 sec size :175 mm, Quick set dumpy level exact image size 300 mm, Plane table size 750*750*21mm, Telescopic alidade, Prismatic compass, Digital plainmeter, Electrinic theodolite JT-26 (with ripod ), Total Station.
Utilization of Lab: 24 hrs/ week

Environmental / Public Health Engineering Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 504
Area Of Laboratory: 79.82 Sq. m
Laboratory Resources: Turbidity meter equiptronics , Digital flocculate, DO meter, Chloro scope, Digital cod digester, Bod Incubator
Utilization of Lab: 12 hrs/ week

Strength of Material Lab
Location of Laboratory : F-113
Area of Laboratory : 154 Sq.M.
Laboratory resources :
Universal Testing Machine ,Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Compressive Testing Machine, Izod impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Tile flexure testing Machine, Hardness testing Machine.

Utilization of Lab : 12 Hrs./Week

Civil Engg. Model lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 548
Area Of Laboratory: 88.290 Sq M
Laboratory Resources: BRIDGE MODEL, Bridge trusses, Culvert, Road models, RAILWAY MODELS, BUILDING MODELS, MODERL  WINDOWS models, Lean Roof model, IRRIGATIN MODELS, Pile of driving machine model.
Utilization of Lab: 20 hrs/ week

Auto CAD Lab
Location Of Laboratory: F 513
Area Of Laboratory:  77.723 Sq.m
Laboratory Resources:  Dell optiplex desktop 3020 MT core i3 4th -Gen 4130/Ram 4 GB DDR-3/ HDD 500 GB /NO DVD RW WARRANTY 3 Yrs Onsite Dell Monitor 18.5″ LED,  HP Designjet t120 24 in plotter,   D-Link mack 16 Port Switch,    D-Link mack 6 U Rack
Utilization of Lab: 26 hrs/ Week