Basic Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. Navale S. N.
Location of Laboratory: F -418(A)
Area of Laboratory: 66.77 Sq. m.
Laboratory resources:
CRO – 20 Nos., PS-15 Nos., DMM- 15Nos., Function Gen.-16 Nos.,  IC Tester -2Nos., Trainer kits- 41Nos.

Utilization of Lab: 24 Hrs./Week

Instrumentation & Measurement Laboratory

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. P. U. Shirode
Location of Laboratory: F-416(A)
Area of Laboratory: 66.77 Sq.m.
Laboratory resources:
CRO-5Nos.,  DSO-1Nos., Spectrum Analyzer.- 1No., Function Gen.-5 Nos., PLC-01No., PSU-6Nos., Trainer Kits-20Nos.

Utilization of Lab: 18 Hrs./Week

Digital Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. Deokate A. S.
Location of Laboratory: F-415(A)
Area of Laboratory: 66.77 Sq. m.
Laboratory resources:
Micro Processor 8085 kits -5 Nos., Digital Trainer kits-10 Nos., Micro Processor 8086 kits –5NosCRO—1Nos., Function Gen.-1Nos., PS-02 Nos.

Utilization of Lab: 22 Hrs./Week

Microcontroller Laboratory

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. Nadgouda D. D.
Location of Laboratory: F -414(A)
Area of Laboratory :66.77 Sq.m.
Laboratory resources :
Personal computer—21Nos., Microcontroller kit8051—4Nos., Various interfacing boards with microcontroller kits- 10Nos.

Utilization of Lab : 28 Hrs./Week

Communication Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory In-charge: Prof. B. M. Kulkarni
Location of Laboratory: F -417(A)
Area of Laboratory: 66.77 Sq.m.
Laboratory resources:
Various communication trainer Kits—55 Nos., TV,CD player, HIFI Amplifier, Fiber Optics kit, Microwave bench, AM Modem, FM Modem, Spectrum Analyzer.- 1No.

Utilization of Lab:14 Hrs./Week