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Zeal TVC

Faculty Publication Details

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of papers Name of journal/Conference Year of Publication
1. Mr. P. L. Jadhav Cost Effectiveness of Non-Subsidised Drip over Subsidised Drip Irrigation System Journal of advance research in science and engineering 2017
Cost Effectiveness of Non-Subsidised Drip over Subsidised Drip Irrigation System MANTECH Publication 2017
Experimental Analysis Of Scour Depth Reduction By Using Geotextile Riprapping Around Bridge Pier International Journal of civil engg. And technology(Scopus Indexed Journal) 2018
Partial Replacement of Rice Husk Ash & Waste Tyre Rubber as Cement & Coarse Aggregate in Concrete International Journal of creative research thought 2018
Experimental study of different method of curing & strength Analysis of concrete cubes International Journal of Engineering Development & Research(ongoing) 2020
Experimental strength analysis of concrete by using different curing method International Research journal of modernization in engineering technology and science 2022
Partial replacement of bitumen using plastic waste in bituminous pavement International Journal of all research education and scientific methods 2022
2. Mr. M. V. Khade A review of ANN in Rainfall- Runoff simulation. ICSD-2019 2019
Impact Analysis of JSA. PAnchatatva-2019
Rainfall- Runoff simulation Using ANN considering Tempreture effects. ICITT-2019
3. Ms. Shinde H. S. Influences of Masonry Infill Wall, Tie Beam and RCC Bracing on Soft Storey Mechanism International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 2, February-2015,ISSN 2229-5518, Page No.422 2015
Theory Of Constraint At An Industry International Journal For Science And Advance Research in Technology(IJSART), Volume 7, Issue 2 – February 2021, ISSN [Online]: 2395-1052, Page No.17. 2021
How to Use Plastic Waste to Construct Rural Road IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 8, Issue 12, 2021 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613,Page No.171
Study of Turbulent Flow Calculations: RANS Equation IJARESM Vol. 10, Issue 03 2022
4. Mr. A. S. Patil Seismic Response of Skew Bridges IJIIRD Vol. 02 Issue 02 2018
5. Miss P. S. Patil Application of ANN to calculate CBR value for soil investigation The journal of oriental research, Madras Volume XCII – I 2021
6. Miss R. H. Deshmukh Study of Turbulent Flow Calculations: RANS Equation IJARESM Vol 10, Issue 03 2022
7. Miss P. K. Pawar Lumped Construction Sequence for Column Shortening Analysis in High Rise Building with Outrigger System RTCET Vol. 11, Issue 3 2021
8. Miss Y.M. Rajput Experimental Analysis of Trapezoidal Corrugated Steel Web Beam For Its Stress And Deflection IJSART Vol. 07, Issue 05 2021
9. Mr. G. R. Chilla To study experimental work on waste sand material in concrete IJIRSET Vol. 11, Issue 06 2022
10. Mr. Yashodip Bhamare Design & Analysis of Precast Concrete Bridge Structure Using Softer IJSART, Vol. 8, Issue 06 2022