Research and Publications

Zeal TVC

Faculty Publication Details

Sr. No Name of Faculty Title of papers Name of journal/Conference Year of Publication
1 Prof. V.S.Kshirsagar Design and Analysis of hydraulic thruster brake for lifting machine IJIERT 2016
2 Prof. M.M. Deoghare Heat Transfer Analysis of Winglet Type Fins Array Through Natural Convection. IJRPET 2017
3 Prof.S.R.Kulkarni New Study on the Injection Velocity Variation in Small Hand Lever Operated Injection Moulding Machine IJIRSET 2018
Design and analysis of roller screw mechanism for

Anelectric cylinder

4 Prof. R. H. Tike Airbag system for Two wheeler vehicle system IJARME 2015
5 Prof.D.K.Shinde Design , Development & analysis of wobble mixer Link IJARME 2016
6 Prof.S.S.Surywanshi Numerical heat transfer analysis of flowing fluid through circular tube with helical twisted strip inserts NCMEND 2017
Heat transfer characteristics of helical coil by using CFD ICMERME 2016